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By using this website, you agree to our terms of use. At Keystone Holsters, we make sure that our website uses SSL Technology and will continue to use 3rd party payment processing on the payment processors server to help keep your information as safe as possible.

By using our website, you use it at your own risk. Keystone Holsters or any person who owns or operates the business cannot be held accountable for any misuse or problems that occur when using the website as long as there was no purposeful negligence on Keystone Holsters or any person who owns or operates the business’s part.


When purchasing from us, you are buying the item based on the item description, image, and choices you select. It is your responsibility to check proper fit and functionality after receiving the holster and reporting any/all issues to Keystone Holsters at customerservice@keystoneholsters.com. We do our best to quality check each holster leaving our location, but accidents can happen and you could get the wrong holster, so please always double check upon receiving it. If you do not contact us within 30 days of receiving the item, you are responsible for any/all defects the item might have.

By purchasing a holster from Keystone Holsters, you hold harmless Keystone Holsters, it’s owner/s, and anybody who operates the business for misuse or malfunction of the any of our products.