What material are your holsters made out of?

All of the holsters are made from Kydex or Holstex.

How long will it take to get my holster?

Please visit our lead time page at https://keystoneholsters.com/lead-time/

I bought the wrong holster, now what?

You can return the holster, simply email me at returns@keystoneholsters.com and I will send you the return details.

I don't see my firearm listed as an option, can I still get a holster for it?

The answer to this is it depends. Each firearm that I can get a molding prop for, I can make, so if you have a firearm you want a holster for and it’s not on our list, email me at info@keystoneholsters.com and ask if I can make it, if I can find the molding prop, I will let you know. Please note, this might incur an extra cost as I have to purchase the molding prop in order to be able to make your holster. I will let you know in advance what the price would be before moving forward.

Can I get a custom printed holster?

Yes, please email me at info@keystoneholsters.com for details.

How do you know your holsters are functional and comfortable?

That is an important question. The reason I know is because if it makes it to the website, it’s only because I have tested it myself to make sure it’s functional and comfortable. I wear it in many different scenarios from a day of fishing to sitting in the office all day and many different scenarios in-between. If it doesn’t pass the test, it doesn’t make it to the website. Only those that pass the test make it to the website.

Also, any/all of my friends or family who have one of my holsters have also tested it and they all say things like it’s very comfortable, couldn’t tell they were wearing it, it doesn’t print like other holsters when wearing it. These are people that would be brutally honest with me if they weren’t any good, so I trust what they say.